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Alocasia Sarian is a sizable houseplant great for any indoor space. This stunning centrepiece has an airy stem and leaf structure. It has a tropical look with forest, dark green leaves, and tiger-striped stems.

Native to the rainforests of South Asia, this plant will thrive in warm, humid environments. It needs regular water in summer and spring, whereas little water works great in winter. It also needs bright sunlight with partial shade for optimum growth.

The Alocasia belongs to the Arum plant family with more than 70 varieties that are native to the tropical or subtropical regions of Asia and Australia. These plants create a bold, tropical atmosphere in any landscape or indoor garden.

This plant forms the leaves as part of the stems rather than at the end of the stems. It is a hybrid of two Alocasias, Alocasia Zebrina and Alocasia Micholitziana. It is named after an agriculture journalist Zac B. Sarian from the Philippines.

Because of the huge, pointy leaves, this plant is also known as the Elephant Ears.

When grown in warm climates throughout the year, this plant can grow up to 12 ft high. Whereas in colder climates, it mostly grows 5 to 6 ft tall.

The natural rainforest environment can be difficult to imitate, but this article will help you create a perfect environment for your Alocasia Sarian.


Light conditions: Bright indirect light is ideal.

Watering: Check the soil every other day, to keep the leaves looking beautiful. During spring and summer, it needs extra water to grow all the new leaves.

A simple watering schedule for this plant includes watering it twice a week in summer and once a week in winter. The roots cannot tolerate wet feet or soggy soil, but don’t let the plant dry out completely. I would suggest watering in smaller amounts at regular intervals. This will maintain the desired moisture content without letting the soil get soggy. I would suggest relying on the actual dampness of soil instead of a fixed schedule. Always press a few inches of topsoil with your fingers before you water and only water if dry.

This species is not drought-tolerant; therefore, lack of water can damage the beautiful leaves as they will curl and go crispy. Insufficient watering may even kill your Alocasia.

This plant will go dormant in winter means it spends less energy, so reduce the watering.

Humidity: High humidity is preferred, but can tolerate normal household levels.

Temperature: This plant should be planted outdoors only if the night temperature does not go below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15°C).

For optimum growth, this plant needs light, airy, and well-draining soil. Never plant it in a heavy soil mixture as it is a rhizomatous plant. Don’t use rocky or sandy soils either. Any organic-rich soil that has great moisture retention is perfect for the Alocasia Sarian.

Pets: Toxic

Size: 5"