CAST IRON VARIETIES (Aspidistrar Elatior)
CAST IRON VARIETIES (Aspidistrar Elatior)
CAST IRON VARIETIES (Aspidistrar Elatior)
CAST IRON VARIETIES (Aspidistrar Elatior)

CAST IRON VARIETIES (Aspidistrar Elatior)

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Species:  Elatior Genus: Aspidistra Family: Asparagaceae
Origin: This house plant originates from China, Japan and Taiwan. 

The tough Cast Iron Plant will survive in conditions likely to kill any other plants, from low light and infrequent watering to extreme summer heat. It really does not like soggy soil, and practically thrives on being neglected. 

This plant does, in fact, have somewhat of a Greta Garbo ('I want to be alone') attitude - it hates to be disturbed. Respecting this attitude and only repotting it when it is absolutely necessary will result in the plant getting on just fine for years to come.

Light conditions: Indirect or diffused sunlight is most ideal. It can tolerate low light situations. Strong direct light can potentially burn the foliage, causing unsightly brown scorch marks on the leaves.

Watering: Cast iron plants are drought-tolerant. Water thoroughly; allow the top half of soil to dry before watering. The lower the light, the less often it needs water.  Overwatering can lead to plant death by root rot. During the spring and summer months, the plant needs to be watered thoroughly on a regular basis, although the soil should be allowed to dry out between watering sessions. Watering is reduced during autumn and winter. Over-watering will often result in leaves turning yellow.

Rate of growth: Medium

Humidity: Medium to high. Household-level is fine, 40-50%.  Although the Cast Iron Plant will tolerate comparatively dry air, it prefers moderate levels of humidity. In any case, it must be kept out of drafts.

Temperature:  Highly adaptable to temperature changes, this house plant will tolerate temperatures between 10° - 29°C / 50° - 85°F

Feeding:  Fertilize monthly with balanced plant food at half strength when the plant is actively growing, spring and summer.

Soil: Any good general-purpose potting mix will be suitable for this plant.

Pets: Non-toxic

Height: Cast Iron Plants can grow to heights of around 90 cm (3 ft).

Size: 8"